“Do yourself a favour and read Sunil Shah’s White Man’s numbers – self published tale about the life of a fund manager – financial thriller!” -Bruce Whitfield, Host of the Money Show, South Africa’s premier daily Money Program

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Review by Diane Cassere in The Cape Times Nov 2012

Article warning about ‘Messiah Trump’, dated Mar 2018


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  1. anonymous says:

    Hi – please send me an email. I would like to contact you directly.

  2. anonymous says:

    Hi – please send me an email so I may email you directly.

  3. BK says:

    Good Day
    Please may you guide me where i can purchase a hardcover copy of the book, i cannot get a listing on takealot.com, exclusive books doesnt have it either. I am based in South Africa.

  4. Prasun Shah says:

    We were grade mates in primary & secondary school. I read your book and found it to be awesome. So glad of your creative writing. Please keep writing. Not sure how I can get in touch with you as I do not see an email address.

  5. Uli Reichl says:

    Hi Sunil,
    I do not know if this page is still active….
    Could you send me your email adress?
    Tell you more then…
    Warmest regards from Germany

  6. Brendan says:

    Enjoying the book! query; on pg 73 you say the ‘infamous Rubicon speech of 1995. To my knowledge it 1985

  7. Bankole Ajewole says:

    I live in Nigeria. How may I purchase the book. Thank you

    • admin says:

      Hello Bankole, thank you for interest. You can buy the kindle version on Amazon and other ereader formats on Lulu.com. The hard copy is only available in S Africa I’m afraid. Would love your feedback once you’ve read it…

  8. Russell Morse says:

    Sunil, saw you on CNBC and bought your book this morning as my read on the farm for the next few days. Will no doubt let you have my thoughts in due course. Well done.
    Best regards

    Aka. Supertrader.

  9. Lallie Pillay says:

    Dear Sunil

    Congratulations! and sincere admiration for the splendid journey,the write up in the Capetowner is what INITIALLY caught my eye, a book never to be put down-A BOOK TO TREASURE- ONCE AGAIN GREAT BLESSING -LOOKING FORWARD TO MORE BOOKS

  10. Pranav Kalianjee says:

    What a fantastic read! A book which I struggled to put down. A fine balance between insight into the asset management profession and an intriguing story-line. I hope you write more books Mr Shah!

  11. Marie-Anne Leunis says:

    Checking it out for our kindle!

  12. admin says:


    Please download the one page review which is shown on the ‘Welcome to’ page

  13. Stephanie von Scheven says:

    Dear Sunil,
    Congratulation on this wonderful success!! Yoou really deserve it. Who knows better for how long and how hard you had been working for this than we. Me, I’m very proud having been your very first reader and fan! I’d like to publish the book in Germany/ Europe or who else is to do it?
    Hope to see you soon

  14. admin says:

    SABC2 Morning Live TV Interview Tuesday 20 November at 07:10am

    Hear all about it… (if you’re awake!)

  15. admin says:

    Liesl Basson says:
    November 12, 2012 at 12:49 pm (Edit)
    Well written, insightful. This book gives you a glimpse of the daily stress and burden on Fund Managers who have to invest for their clients and some ethical dilemma’s they may come across as well as the cultural diversity present in South African corporates. There is also an insight into the South African business situation which is not always that clear cut, dealing with politics, employees and remuneration. The personalities of the characters in the story are well defined and so detailed, drawing the reader into the psyche of each person characterized in the book.

  16. admin says:

    9 th Nov 2012 17.07 Ok, curtains! It’s show time at the Book Lounge . . .

    • admin says:

      What a fabulous event. Thank you all for making it happen! Mervyn, the Book Lounge owner and interviewer, said it was one of the best this year. And most of you bought the friggin book!! Wow

  17. admin says:

    Book Launch set at the Rolls Royce of Book Venues in Cape Town! See you at the Book Lounge on 9th November, interview with owner Mervyn Sloman. Please RSVP directly to venue:

  18. Laurence Savary says:

    Sunil has put a lot of himself into the book. His courage and effort to show the life around the numbers will be rewarded.

  19. tom wright says:

    very interesting plot. Can the book be purchased in america?

  20. alice says:

    Ciao Sunil, sarei molto curiosa di leggere il tuo libro, è bello sapere che c’è ancora chi si impegna a veicolare le proprie emozioni tramite un romanzo.. questo mondo non è ancora perduto! Diffonderò questo link anche in Italia.
    Thanks for the pics
    Good luck and best wishes
    ciao, Alice

  21. AZUSA says:




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  23. Sunhill,
    O Sunhill, what a good way to escape. I fell the road was hard, and dark and dangerous too…
    The book-top looks like you so much ! A slap given with two suddenly frozen black eyes, a killer smile, and I got the dried and short laugh.
    And beautiful. The vertical succession of the three parts linked only by the standing of the two bodies. All is said. ( Great- Britain and West Europe in the full middle, a water-pool where the sitting naked body is hesitating to jump ). So sadly but strongly beautiful.
    Congratulations Sunhill, Congratulations and admiration.
    Un bisou à Mange-Tout (Mange-Toutou pour moi, car “Toutou” veut dire “chien” en langage familier)

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