“White Man’s Numbers provides a somewhat scary insight into the world of asset management. Sunil Shah’s pacy novel hooks the reader from the first page in this journey into the sordid side of finance. If half of what Shah describes is true, White Man’s Numbers should be prescribed as a setwork for the Hawks. An extremely accomplished debut from a writer to look out for.” –Mervyn Sloman, Founder and Owner of Book Lounge, Cape Town

“Sunil shares inside knowledge of the money game by morphing his story into an imaginative fictional thriller. Very much in Geraint Anderson’s Cityboy tradition. Sunil deserves the same plaudits. And with this book, is sure to receive them.”–Alec Hogg, Founder and CEO of Moneyweb, South Africa’s premier financial and business website

“Sunil masterfully drills down into the human flaws of the people who look after our savings. The characters are so real I feel like I know them.” –Stefan Benedetti ACA, Bond Credit Manager, London

“I was riveted from the first pages, being taken on a journey through familiar sights of the corporate world of asset management. I am convinced that it will strum a cord with everyone in our industry and it is bound to tickle the fancy of those who are not.”      – Gaye Wyngaard, middle-office manager in various fund management houses over the last decade.

“This book contains enough financial insights to qualify for the curriculum of a finance course in university. The quality of characterisation and the pace of the story however, probably ensure it’s too interesting to get there.” –Oliver Hoffmann MBA, equities analyst, South Africa.

“Sunil Shah has taken his unique real-life experiences to recreate a riveting tale of how the financial firms that make markets and buy and sell firms really work. His insider’s viewpoint unveils the respectable veneer the financial industry has worked so hard to cultivate. It’s fascinating, and unsettling to get this insight, before the PR spin is applied and presented to the gullible public that the industry’s actions are really all in our best interest. Will Ravi, the protagonist, be sucked in forever? Will he find a way out? When the end comes, it is powerful and shocking, and uniquely South African.” –Justin Ashley, Founder and Chairman, Bridge People & Technology

Bruce Whitfield presents The Money Show with on Talk Radio 702 and 567 Cape Talk each weekday between 18h00 and 20h00. Bruce is regarded as one of South Africa’s leading financial journalists.

He will be interviewing Sunil Shah for his just-released riveting financial thriller, White Man’s Numbers, on Monday 26th November on Talk Radio 702 between 7.15 and 7.30 pm.


Go to this site which serves the interview. It will begin downloading on your computer when you click on Link.

Bruce introduces the book as the first fictional novel ever reviewed on his show. On that podcast please forward to minutes 42 to 54 where Bruce interviews Sunil on the book.

This was Bruce’s tweet after the show:


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